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i think i just made the gif of infinity

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Midnight (behind-the-scenes)

Lesley Sharp on David Tennant:
"When Sky is copying people’s speech patterns, we both had to learn the square root of pi to two or three dozen decimal places, but it was almost impossible to keep up with David.  His speech pattern, the rate at which he speaks, is phenomenally fast.  Really, really quick.  He learns pages and pages and pages.  And the rate at which he speaks is the rate at which he thinks.  Russell explained to me that David’s Doctor has a lot to say, because that’s David.  He’s so bright.  Isn’t that brilliant though?  The things that Russell thinks about and then re-interprets - I think they’re both amazing."
         — from DWM #397

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30 Days of Doctor Who → Day 9: Favorite friendship
↳ Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble. ‘I was gonna be with you forever. Rest of my life. Traveling. In the TARDIS. The Doctor Donna.

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MAKE ME CHOOSE: donna noble or martha jones 
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084. Am I a good man? (x)
          Series 8 of Doctor Who will premiere on saturday August 23.